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EXHIBITIONS ( word and image collaborations)

The Grey Eye’, The Grey Eye, with Leslie Nicholl (Artist) and Colin Corkey (Sculptor); Orchard Gallery, Derry (April 1996) and OMAC, Belfast (May, 1996).

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‘Carleton’s Return’, with Ian McElhenney as Wm. Carleton (a period drama depicting Wm. Carleton’s return to his native Clogher Valley), produced for the promotional launch of the first Carleton Summer School, Linenhall Library, Belfast, 25 March, 1992.



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BA, University of Ulster , 1973.

M.Phil, The Development of Short-term Response to Poetry in Selected Groups of Children and Adults: a Study in Experimental Aesthetics, with Implications for the Teaching of Poetry’, University of Ulster, 1982.

PhD, University of Ulster, 2005


McCrea Literary Award, October, 1986 (Value £500)

Bass Ireland Arts Award, Nominated Discipline – Literature; December, 1987. (Value £1000)

The Hennessy Award for Literature, November, 1989.

Allingham Award for Poetry, ( )


USA , Charlottesville , Cafe reading, 1994

Australia , Sydney , Writers Centre Reading (with Irish Consulate present), 2006

Belfast , The Queens Festival, Guinness Spot Resistance Caberet, 2005

Coleraine University of Ulster , Riverside Theatre ‘Resistance Caberet, Sat 3 November, 2007


Columba Canticles (2013), words by Sam Burnside with music by Laurence Roman; first performed St Columbs Cathedral, Londonderry, 9th June 2013 and Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast 10th June 2013.  London’s Southbank Sinfonia, Aberdeen University Choir and University of Ulster Choir. Conductor Sean Ryan.