Mrs Nettlebed’s Year


Mrs Nettlebed’s Year
by Sam Burnside


Twenty Stories for Children
With Cover Illustration by Tim Stampton
ISBN 978-1-908448-91-0

A new book for children

Publication date 1st December 2014

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In this richly vibrant collection of stories for children (and not a few parents!) you will meet among others Mr Dodder the Postman, Mr Tappit the Boot Maker, Mrs Goat and Brother Snail, Sister Swallow who is on a visit from Africa – and many more.

The distant Town, the Pond, the Green Road, the Garden Hospital and above all the Woods come alive as real places of the imagination.

At the core of this magical world, you will find Mrs Nettlebed, the strange and mysterious woman with the ever-expanding carpet bag who has come to live in the Woods.

Follow her as she moves through her year, from Easter to Mid-Summer Solstice to Christmas.

Extract from the story “The Spider who thought she was a Bird”
Snail came to Mrs Nettlebed’s door one day in mid-summer when the sun shone and the pond was balmy and abuzz with insects and the world was full of bees and the air seemed heavy with honey smells and the scent of flowers.
“I have a problem I want to share with you,” he said, rather spoiling the day for Mrs Nettlebed.
“What is that?” Mrs Nettlebed replied. She was rather afraid that Snail might be in some kind of serious trouble.
“It’s Spider,” Snail said. “She thinks she is a bird!”
“Oh, dear,” Mrs Nettlebed replied. “How does this affect her?”
“She keeps climbing up into my tree, well the tree I live under. She jumps off a branch and tries to fly and she always falls onto my shell. She has done it so many times she has put a dent in my back! It’s very annoying!”

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“This joyful collection of stories for younger children will carry them away to the world where Mrs Nettlebed and her many animal friends live. Meet them all in these wonderful short stories.”
Children’s Author Jack Scoltock

“Magical and mysterious, kindly and wise, Mrs Nettlebed tramps the woods in her stout boots with her big, big bag, healing sick animals, solving problems and dispensing comfort and reassurance wherever she goes. Meeting her makes everyone kinder and more considerate.
In these thought-provoking stories (children) will enjoy travelling through the changing seasons with Mrs Nettlebed, learning useful lessons about helping others and living in harmony with nature and with each other.”

Anita Robinson, Teacher, Writer and Broadcaster