Uncollected Poems

Sam is a prolific writer and is continually creating new poems and prose. He also has an extensive back catalogue of unpublished poetry.
Here is a selection of New Poems and Archived Poems

New Poems

  • An Autumn Day - By Sam Burnside written 11 – 11 – 2004 remembering 8 – 10 – 2001   My room is drained of light. I sit by the window, reading. Outside, the sky is grey, the white clouds frozen. Then, a brown leaf, its pale face turned away and veiled by one curling shoulder, scuttles along the […]
  • Fissure - By Sam Burnside 20/01/2011 Then, when it is all over here when I am parked on the border between two worlds, held in that inscrutable gaze, when I am laid aside and just waiting, netted, as it were, laid out on grass, and impatient to be gathered up the willow rods bent, webbed, laced and […]
  • Silence - By Sam Burnside   When my dry dust, Scattered at evening time, Blindly, in fisted hand And arm stiff with rage and despair, Settles on cool water, The final binding together will be lost If calmness is lost. All that gone, too – For time loses all Documentation of public memory And even monuments to […]
  • Weather-Wise - By Sam Burnside A city is a place of wall within wall within wall: There is no elbow room in pigeon holes There is no legroom in pads (behind brown doors, Up steep stairs); there is no headroom in squats. No scope in the the nook and cranny arenas Of backyard and court-yard. Large bodies, […]

Archived Poems

  • Between One Day and Another - From A Crazy Knot 1996 We are just on that verge Between Autumn and Winter We are just within that balance When day is not yet night. The air hangs over our heads And shoulders; it is heavy Still with smells, sounds and warmth Here, between hill and lough. From an early-ploughed field Trailing wisps […]
  • Nightingales and Crows - By Sam Burnside 1 January, 2007 (from a suggestion made by Bronagh) A comfortable gathering on this first day Of this new New Year that has fallen upon us: An unusual coitus of friends and relations, gathered At the big table, dining off Granny’s duck soup, Off the cheese and bread, off her home-baked mince […]